Untapped facts about the penis

What really is the average size?

There is no dispute the fact that men with a penis bigger and others smaller organ with, as there also for other organs, but clearly sexual function is dependent on the length. There is also no relationship between the size of the man over his penis.

The average size of the penis without an erection is between eight and a half to ten and a half centimeters. But no such measurement value because there are other factors that affect the length such as cold can cause contraction.

Erection penis length ranged from 15 to 18 cm. In a man with a short penis, erections will grow about 100 percent of its original size, while a man with a long pin, it will grow by about 75 percent, so that a man with a shorter penis hits ED along close to that of the male wardrobe seemed better equipped.

Is there a relationship between the size of penis size?

Gillian sex researchers Masters and Virginia Johnson and measured the limbs of 300 men. The longest organ erectile dysfunction was not a man 14 centimeters high and 170 centimeters shortest limb length was six centimeters in height 180 centimeter man.

The woman needs a few centimeters in order to achieve satisfaction?

Men sometimes forget vagina adapts to almost every size. A woman who gave birth in the length of the vagina during sexual stimulation reaches about ten inches, so that only a man whose penis smaller than four inches during erection not make vaginal penetration throughout. Elasticity of the vagina allows for expansion and elongation as required and therefore a man with a penis longer than four inches could come to penetration with his penis length.

What if I am still not happy with my penis?

Small penis syndrome is basically a psychological difficulty, because in most cases the penis is not small. Rarely indeed there is a problem, then you may consider treatment. You can contact consulting a family physician, urologist or sexologist to perform test and diagnose the problem really exists real size.

Whereas existing treatments for penis enlargement?

There are many who claim that they can increase their penis. Conclusions of experts in the field of urological treatments are all offered, whether creams or pills and whether it is surgery, they can not increase the penis in a real way. Some of the treatments, especially surgery, are even dangerous. Perhaps some of traction devices have a certain effect. Even treatments that supposedly extend the penis, had no effect on the length when erect. Be careful of all kinds of private clinics are supposedly promising treatments have a great success rate. Usually only success is financial profit clinic. Always have to seek advice, certified urologist as part of a public clinic or hospital recognized.

Is there a treatment to reduce the penis?

Men rarely interested in reducing the penis. In principle there is a possibility that but even here treatment involves risks and consult the expert believes.

So whether size matters or not states?

As expected, there is no clear answer to this question was old. In terms of sexual function capability, penis size has no effect. However, a man feel frustration and insecurity due to mini small organ of thought can suffer performance anxiety, then hurt his sexual function. So it all depends on our main sex organ – the brain.


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