How to be the perfect lover?

So you want to turn female heads and make them fall over themselves just to be with you? In short, you want to look attractive for women. Well, if you aren’t getting as much attention from women as you would prefer, then there are things you are definitely going to need to change about yourself. The change should be both on the outside and inside. You dont need to think about external changes like thinking that your penis is not big enough, or your not that awesome. The tips outlined below will go a long way in helping you achieve your objective with women.

Image is everything.

Stand before a mirror, with all your normal clothes and accessories if any, on. What do you see? If you are not impressed with how you look , how could a woman? It is time you got a wardrobe change, a decent hair cut, a healthy-looking skin, some body workouts and different shoe and accessory collection, improve your gait and so on. You don’t have to be handsome to look attractive to women, you can still look attractive from the clothes you wear and how you groom yourself. Women appraise men, down to the tiniest detail, before they listen to them talk. You will be surprised by how much women take in by that initial single look they give you. Are you worth a second look and by that I mean an appreciative second glance with many more to follow. Your looks must present an attractive image enough to draw the women close, so they can get to know more of you.
So go ahead and work on your image, get that gym membership, go shopping for clothes that bring out the best of your body. If you have no idea what to buy, simply ask the sales people at the store or a trusted female friend. Ditch your current barber if your haircut isn’t good but if you like him, discuss on the best and latest haircut trend that is suitable for you and go for it.

Personal hygiene

Are your hands clean? Do you smell great? With good breath? In short are you well groomed and observing your personal hygiene. A wardrobe overhaul without good hygiene to compliment it will make you look like the street urchin in new clothes on top of the grime and dirt beneath. Women love clean guys who smell great and with white lovely-looking teeth, after all chances are, they might be undressing you mentally if they like what they see and imagine all sorts of things with you in the picture. Your hygiene and looks should be good enough to ignite those kinds of thoughts in women who meet you.

A dash of some personality

With good clothes and great hygiene women will now want to listen to you. This is the time to brush up on your social skills in order to make yourself more attractive to them. Walk with a confident gait ;smile more whenever you are in the company of women because this will communicate friendliness, confidence and warmth from you to them and they are most likely to reciprocate. You could improve your smile by practicing with a mirror and ensure that your teeth look good enough to give some weight to your smile. If not a dentist visit will quickly rectify that. It is no secret, most women love to hear themselves talk, listen to them in order to make them feel special; ensure that you maintain eye contact throughout and let the flirt in you rule. Talk modestly about yourself and try and avoid bragging even if you are successful. Let them find out for themselves how great an accomplisher you are than you let on. They will definitely find you attractive!
There are many more ways to be attractive for women but you could never go wrong with the above ones.


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