How to attract women using body language

Most men probably would like to know how to attract women with body
language before uttering a single word to women. How many of us know that more than 80% of our daily communication is non-verbal? Would not it be great for men to use this non-verbal or also known as body language to attract women to them? That is why you should attach much importance to body language to attract women to you.

You can use various types of body languages to send off signals to women about your personality, the type of person you are etc. Therefore, if you want to attract women it is very important that you know some basic and most important tips or things when it comes to attract women with body language. There are some key factors when it comes to how to attract women with body language. Approaching and attracting beautiful women largely depends on communication without a doubt. So it is not age, looks, income etc that are the biggest factors but communication is. This communication is broadly body language that is the biggest factor in attracting women.

Here are some body language secrets that can be effective when it comes to how to attract women with body language:


Women naturally can spot and pick up very well the signals men send off when they are not speaking. A confident man will always maintain a controlled movement when they walk. He will walk slowly sending the message to women that he has a much more friendly approach.

Lean Back When You Are Sitting Up

Women tend to be attracted to men who look relaxed, approachable and friendly. If you are sitting up then make sure that you lean back and be as comfortable as you possibly can. Let your arms hang down and relax. Because that way you can show that you are not closed off or shy. Women will not be attracted to guys who are closed off.

Walking Posture

This is very important when you are walking. Walking posture matters as it reflects great body languages and has a great effect on how to attract women with body language. Men with confidence walk with their backs straight and head tiled up a bit. This shows that you are approachable. When you are walking stick your chest out bringing your shoulders back to attract women as they will think you are the one who is confident. Women like guys who are steady in their movements.

Open Yourself

It is something that makes you appear relaxed, confident and friendly. Take as much space as possibly you can when you are standing up or sitting up. Let others notice that you are in control. Women will find a confident person in you and will be attracted to you. Most women find this type of men more charming and attractive.

Be Calm and Indifferent

It is a great way to show your composure and ability to stay in great control when you react to anything without showing much emotion at all. Make indifferent gestures, stay calm when you are listening to others. Women will pick up your calmness with great appreciation.

Final Words

You dont need to look like a model or increase your penis to be attractive to women. As we all know that communication is how we talk to each other or other people in our everyday communication. But what about the body language we use to communicate without having to speak at all? In fact, the majority of communication we conduct in our day to day life does not come from our mouths. It takes practice to learn various body languages to apply in real life. If you can use each of these body language mentioned above in your daily life then chances are you will attract women with more positive results Women will be more likely to approach you if you master on how to attract women with body language.